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    邢台市乐众机械制造有限公司座落在邢州大地东北部邢湾镇西黄工业区,周围交通便利,工商业发达。自开始到现在已有十几年历史,积累了丰富的机械研发制造经验。我处生产的“诚信达牌”砂浆喷涂机、快速砂浆喷涂机、 数控钢筋弯箍机、HCS-40B型钢筋直螺丝剥肋滚丝等是由我在广泛挣取用户的基础上,博众家之长,由工程师,技术人员精心设计制造而成的。











         Renxian County zeliang Machinery Factory (the original honest Xinda Machinery) is located in thenortheastern state of earth Xingwan Zhen Xi Huang Xing Industrial Zone, around transport facilities, developed industry and commerce. Since the beginning up to now has ten years of history, has accumulated rich experience in R & D and manufacturing of machinery. I produced the "integrity of brand" mortar spraying machine, accelerated mortarspraying machine, CNC steel bar hoop bending machine, HCS-40B type steel straight screw stripping rib rolling ismade by me in widely earned based on the user's, Bo public house long, by the engineer, technical staff carefully designed and manufactured by the.

Accelerated mortar independent research and development of the spraying machine is mainly used in the construction industry inside and outside wall plastering mortar spraying, wall insulation mortar, mortar, stucco, refractorycoating, building a large area of fireproof material coating, waterproof agent spraying engineering.

Renxian County zeliang machinery factory always adhere to the "integrity, innovation, efficient, pragmatic" for the purpose, to the "quality of survival, integrity and development" principle, based on domestic, international, common development, create brilliant! We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit, guidance,cooperation!

Renxian County zeliang Machinery Factory is located in the northeastern state of earth Xingwan Zhen Xi Huang XingIndustrial Zone, around transport facilities, developed industry and commerce. Self has been more than ten years of history, has accumulated rich experience in R & D and manufacturing of machinery. Production of "honesty" mortarspraying machine; rapid mortar spraying machine, CNC bending machine; reinforcement; reinforced stripping ribrolling machine cylindrical polishing machine is made in widely earned based on the user's, Bo public house long, by the engineer, technical staff carefully designed and manufactured by. The mortar spraying machine;

1, the basic no landing ash, water saving, material saving, cost can be reduced by more than 20%

2, the operation is simple, without scaffolding, mortar spraying machine, without moving the equipment, remote control can be used freely to boot shutdown, no repair a stubble, yin-yang angle, roof, can all be freely spraying,shorten the construction period, improve the schedule, and save the frame material expenses.

3, fast speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity, a (CXD-311) per hour pump spray can be sprayed 150m2

In addition to the preparation time, computational work 8 hours a day, can be sprayed over 1000m2, the equivalent of 20 skilled workers work a day's work.

4, small investment, big returns, if every station (CXD-311) equipment spray 1000m2, according to the market price of 4 yuan m2, remove the wages of about 500 yuan a day, each device can gain profit 3000 yuan, among other factors,an annual income of 500000 yuan or more are anticipated.

5, ensure project quality, and before the introduction of artificial wall plastering machine, main disadvantage is the bond of mortar and wall and mortar density low, the integrity of the spraying equipment of large flow, high pressure (up to 3Mpa) to overcome these shortcomings, mortar density far exceeding the standards prescribed by the state, to avoid because of the quality, duration, wages, trouble and losses.

6, the use of a machine, can spray mortar, fireproof material, refractory material, can convey mortar, no area and environmental conditions and coating surface shape restriction.

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